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My Approach

In the first instance, I will usually speak with you over the telephone for an initial consultation to better understand your needs and whether CBT or EMDR is a suitable therapy choice for you.

If CBT or EMDR is something you feel you would benefit from, I will invite you to attend an initial assessment session (either face to face or online) which will last no longer than 50 minutes.

In this assessment session, I will ask you for consent to record information about you, including personal details (name, address etc), presenting difficulties, history of the difficulties, we will complete short mental health examination then ascertain your goals for therapy and who you have in your support network that may be able to support you in working towards your goals.

An explanation of the therapy (CBT or EMDR) and an outline of what sessions could look like will be provided.   

At times brief questionnaires may be used to build a picture of how your difficulties are impacting on your life.

I will also explain that all information provided will be confidential between the individual receiving therapy and therapist, the only time information may be shared with a third-party is if there was reason to believe you were a risk to yourself, a risk to someone else or another individual was a risk to you.  Where appropriate I will notify you of my intention to share information.  I have a duty of care to you as an individual and will endeavour to act in accordance with the safeguarding guidelines of the BABCP and Social Work England to ensure your safety.

If you decide to proceed with therapy sessions, we can book an appointment at the end of the assessment session.

Image by Nathan Boadle
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